Most beautiful design houses of football players

Enthusiastic football fans always want to know everything about their favorite players – from their stats to most intimate details of their personal lives. Aside from investing a lot of time in discovering and reading about the new betting opportunities, such as the Footstock review, the biggest fans also research how their favorite stars live. Here is the answer to one of the most burning questions – what are the houses of the most famous football players like?

Athletes often strive for the unique. And why shouldn’t they – they can afford to have any type of home they want. To honor their taste, and admire the art, we will review some of the most beautiful and unusual, past, present and, in some cases, unfortunately, unexecuted homes of accomplished football players.

Lionel Messi has a wonderful home in Barcelona. Equipped with a small football field, a pool and a gym, this house has screen doors and large windows, allowing the light to effectively illuminate the interior. The rooms are not formally separated, allowing Messi and his guests to feel the full effect of the space. The patio, the casual children’s bedroom, and the recreational area make you believe you are at a vacation resort, rather than someone’s home.

Gary Neville had the misfortune of not fulfilling his dream – an underground eco-house. The ‘Teletubbies’ home, so-called because of its petal-shaped design, not unlike the house the Teletubbies reside in, was supposed to have the kitchen inside its stigma, whereas the petals were supposed to be the bedrooms, the bathrooms, and others. The fight to approve the design and building of the house was fought for several years before Neville finally gave up. The world is at a loss.

Writing about footballers and not mentioning David Beckham would be ludicrous. His $11 million house is a simple, yet luxurious abode that has a pool with a fountain. We could easily walk from the pool to the house across the marble tiles. Inside, we find modern design. There are no walls to separate the rooms, just supporting beams, giving the illusion of a hallway, and dispelling it as needed. The children’s area and the bar are decorated with bright colors. There are two dining rooms on either side of the main entrance. They contrast each other in color. The first floor has a walkway, from which the ground level can easily be observed. In addition, there is a spacious bedroom, a movie theater, a pool hall and a wine cellar.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Cheshire mansion is for sale, as the footballer is considering leaving Manchester United. While the exterior is classic, with a hip and valley roof, the interior is full of marble white and grey modernism. Grey is the color that dominates the entertainment area as well since it is present on the pool table and the ping pong table as well. The house is spacious and open, with few exceptions – one of which is a simple and relatively small and cozy bedroom. For hot summer days and evening parties, there is an outside bar.

Cristiano Ronaldo is situated in La Finca. The rectangle is dominant in the exterior and interior, dominated by marble and hardwood. It is perfect for those times when Ronaldo needs to recuperate. With seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, and a garden with pool following the house’s design, it makes us envy the football prodigy. La Finca is the locale known for its privacy, so it comes as no surprise that Ronaldo chose it for his home.