The Most Lavish Houses of Famous Athletes

Living a life of grandeur is not strange for superstars, no matter which industry they come from. Typically, they spend money on things in a moment, which other people could not buy in a lifetime. 

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Athletes, at least the richest of them all, typically have a huge house that is a symbol of their success. 

Here are the largest houses belonging to some of the world’s most famous athletes.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is the world’s most well known professional golfer. He has made tons of money from the sport, and with good cause, winning plenty of majors as well as many other PGA events. Woods lives in a house that is estimated to be worth around 60 million dollars. Word on the street is that Woods is actually selling the estate in the famous Jupiter Island neighborhood.

Michael Jordan

Another superstar athlete, another home which is up for sale. The home of Michael Jordan, or rather, his former home, is a mansion with 9 bedrooms and as many as 14 bathrooms. The mansion has a full size basketball court as well as a tennis court. The mansion also has a full size pool, not to mention many workout rooms. The estate is expensive, but the initial price may not be a problem, but rather the actual upkeep required to live in such a huge mansion.

Greg Norman

Another golfer, another extremely expensive mansion. Golfers have apparently earned so much money over the years that there is no other option but to spend the money on mansions. 

Norman bought the mansion at Jupiter Island for 4.5 million dollars in 1991. His selling price for the mansion thirty years later is around 65 to 70 million dollars. It is safe to say that the mansion was a good investment.

David Beckham

There were rumors that Beckham was looking at a house in the very center of London and that he bought it. Given his prestige and financial status, a 40 million dollar mansion in the center of London is not that much. 

But, the house needed renovation and work, so it took another 4 million to get it up to the level of today’s wants and needs. Beckham also had a large mansion, but that was sold prior to purchasing the house in London.

Anna Kournikova 

The tennis star has quite a house at what is known as Millionaire Row in Miami, Florida, which is estimated to be worth around 26 million dollars. The estate has a tennis court, of course. She shares the home with Enrique Iglesias, her husband and famous singer, as well as their children.

Athletes are known for their lavish homes and estates, and apparently, even more for selling them and moving on to something either bigger or more streamlined, but still in a similar price range.