Is Architecture Still Important to This Day?

Everyone has different hobbies. Some people pursue them for the pleasure of it, while others are more serious and tend to put a lot of heart into them. However, some people turn their hobbies into careers.

What starts off as a child looking at photos of interesting buildings from ages ago, could turn into an architect who ends up designing the world’s next set of iconic structures. Architecture was a very important part of human culture and history. Is that importance the same today, or has it lost a bit of its original meaning over the centuries?

Architecture Has a Huge Impact on Society

Architecture is very important today, most of the time because people tend to move to the cities. There needs to be more room in the cities, to make for all the people who want to live there. If horizontal expansion is impossible or difficult, or illegal, then something has to be done. 

Vertical expansion is usually the right thing to do, however, that needs specific planning and the right people to execute the said plans. Architecture is there to answer those questions and provide a good way to make cities have more room for newcomers.

Old Buildings Still Matter

What was built half a century ago might not have aged well. Some things might have been done in a way that was better and more efficient, but things might still need to be changed and updated to meet new standards.

If a building is much older than that, then it might be worth a lot more attention, especially if it is from two or even three centuries ago. Such buildings might have historic or cultural value and someone with skill should take care of them. 

Buildings might need to be updated and architects are the ones who should be doing the planning of how that should take place.

Architecture As a Mirror For Ourselves

We might not think about it, but architecture reflects the world around us, the current culture and what society thinks about itself. Look at the buildings that were built in the previous year or two and you will see what your society thinks about itself. 

Then take a look at what it was like 50 years or 100 years ago and you will see whether there is any difference in the societies of the time, as well as how that translates to today. Architecture can paint a picture of what that part of the world is thinking, which is basically art.

Whether for the sake of art or scientific reasons, architecture is as important today as it was centuries ago, if not more important. It is there to solve a lot of urban issues, as well as to paint a picture of what the world is thinking at the moment.