Casinos with the best design

They give our circadian rhythm and wallets a run for their money, with their kind and attentive hosts, music, lights noise and the ever-present dopamine rush. It is the industry of money making money, and therefore people sometimes overlook the aesthetics of the inside and outside of these casinos. We might be used to the graphic sites of online casinos, just check out the Bitstarz bitcoin review and the like, but the land-based casinos are a whole other category. We may not be able to tell you which scene has the best entertainment, nor where the staff is the kindest. We have no idea what a sure thing is, or where to get it. However, we will inform you which of the casinos have the most alluring air.


The opening of this fine establishment was something not to be missed in 1998. Steve Wynn planned the water show that can be seen in the front. Should you go inside, you will be greeted with an even more astounding site: the Botanical Gardens and the Bellagio Conservatory. They change into something new with the coming of every season. You can’t reach the registration desk without bumping into Dale Chihuly’s sculpture made of glass. The Game is a delicate piece of art, painted by LeRoy Neiman, and suitable for this club. It bears witness to player’s skills and fortune in a poker room that seats forty tables.

The Venetian Las Vegas

Let’s stick around Vegas for a while, and look at a place that has really gone all out – the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. As its name suggests, the design relies heavily on the motives and landmarks of Venice, like Piazza San Marco, the Rialto Bridge, and the Lion of Venice column. One of the interesting curiosities is that the Venetian is home to a replica of St Mark’s Campanile. The gallery, the entrance hall and many other rooms and spaces boast wonderful murals. Don’t forget to visit Grand Canal Shoppes, and be sure to use a gondola. There may be kitsch in Vegas, but you will not find it at the Venetian.

Baden-Baden Casino

We will not be focusing all of our attention on the Entertainment Capital of the World. Named after the city it resides in, the Baden-Baden casino is an exclusive enterprise, majestic as it stands not unlike a temple or palace. It doesn’t end at the exterior, as the rooms inside alternate between those decorated in gold and royal red, giving you the impression and dignity of a regent’s quarters, and those with solemn murals and Renaissance statues. In either case, the casino requires, and, provided you give sufficient notice, provides formal wear, as it is difficult not to feel underdressed while being faced with such a glorious view.

The Ritz Club

Displaying all of the renowned British class and elegance, the Ritz Club possesses the famous Amber Room, visited by many a star. The interior is mostly golden with occasional paintings depicting the era between the two World Wars. An interesting detail about the chairs is that they alternate between royal red and navy blue, not unlike the pockets of the roulette.