Design Resources and Blogs for Aspiring Architects

Every beginning goes a bit better when you have a good push or something to help you out just until you find the ropes. Things like free trial periods, Betfair Sign up Offer, amazing video tutorials as learning materials etc. For those who chose architecture as a career path, getting some neat ideas that you can successfully implement will certainly help you advance. To that end, we have compiled a list of blogs and resources that you should go over if you ever need some extra inspiration.  

Life of an Architect

The number one reason why you should be interested in this blog is its owner Bob Borson. Bob has a firm in Texas and they specialize in modern design, more importantly, he is an award-winning architect, so you can learn a lot from him. These designs heavily leverage the latest trends, tech, and approaches to advertising, therefore they offer a good insight into the field of work from the perspective of someone who already has great achievements.  


The site has been around since 2006 and it is really popular. It started as a simple blog but gradually turned into an extremely influential online magazine that has millions of visitors. In other words, this is a solid choice that’s been approved by a number of seasoned architects. If you love the online content, you can also go for some of the books they published, or you might even decide to reach out and get a job there who knows. 

Visualizing Architecture

We all know that architecture is a visual medium, but the “Visualizing Architecture” site really leans into this concept. The platform creates all sorts of buildings, bridges, structures and even cities from the ground up. Here you can render 3D illustrations and sketches and easily play with the concepts you have floating around your mind. The site is a great example of the processes and creativity behind the latest architectural projects of all sizes. 

The Local Project

The Local Project has content that is mainly focused on the best architectural achievements in Australia. It goes behind the scenes and gives readers an overview of all the important players in each of these projects. So, if you want stories that cover everything from drawing boards all the way to grand openings, this is a site for you. You can also read a lot of interviews with some of the best architects in the world. 


Architecture is also art, and Biber architects firmly stand behind this concept. It is a team of seasoned veterans with the philosophy that every structure or building has a unique story to tell, and the architect is the author of that story. 

The firm has one of the best and most renowned blogs in the field, so it’s definitely worth looking into. 


Archinect is one of the oldest players in this game, as it has been around since 1997. It was founded with the goal of connecting both aspiring novice and experienced architects around the world, and considering how they are still around and going strong, it’s safe to say they have been successful in their mission. 

We highly encourage you to go over these sites and even seek out more. There are tons of materials online that you will find beneficial, and once you develop your own unique style you can even start a website of your own.