Top 5 Platforms for Designers to Present Their Portfolio

In the online era, we are so accustomed to being doing everything from our PC / phone. We chat to our friends, look for various discounts, book flights and even have fun with offers like the Ladbrokes Promo Code. But, that’s not all. We use the internet for work as well.

However, in a competitive online world, everyone is looking to one-up their competition. Whether by doing something a bit better than your competitors or through better advertisement, you will get the upper hand on your rivals, to get that job and earn money for yourself. In a world of freelancers, everyone is trying their best to advertise as best as possible. Just like Upwork is one of the best sites for almost everyone, it is not a specialized site. 

Designers, for example, cannot properly show their work on such a site, rather their ratings. This is why designers often have profiles on multiple sites, including some which are specifically designed to promote art and design. 

Here are those sites, in no particular order.


This site has been around for a long time. More often than not, this site is associated with people who like anime and draw anime and manga characters. Yet, it is simply a site where artists can upload their work, digital or otherwise. With that in mind, you can see why this site would be a great platform for any designer. The site is made, unlike many others, to completely support art and to showcase it in the best possible way. Now, whether you will do so or not, depends on your knowledge of building a good profile. 


Every designer, photographer, video editor, photo editor and anybody who deals in digital art, has a profile on Behance. It is a site that has a very simple design (no pun intended), which shows you lots of content, mainly photos, from various authors. You can contact the authors should you want to do business with them. The site is a perfect presentation for anyone who deals with digital art.


Yes, it has three Bs in it. This site is a simple tool to showcase ongoing projects and have other people provide feedback before them hitting live servers. This is an important aspect of developing any project, having feedback before it becomes available to everyone.

Web developers and designers use this site, among other people. The site allows you to communicate with others and share your work. Given that you have access to networking, your odds of getting hired increase with every new contact and every share of your work.


This site is an online portfolio maker/tool. It is made to be friendly towards those who have no experience in handling HTML and other web-related code. There is even a free version available, meaning that most users can try before they buy. The premium, or rather paid version gives access to more features, meaning more flexibility in the way you can design your portfolio. If you have no coding experience, fear not, because they have you covered.

Adobe Portfolio

Plenty of people use Adobe products and not without reason. It is one of the best suites for multiple use cases. Adobe Portfolio helps you make your own site, though you have to pay for their services, which is to be expected. They have two price points, one which allows you to build a site and a larger one, which gives you full access to the Adobe Creative Cloud Apps, all of them. It is worth noting that the first plan gives you access to Photoshop and Lightroom.

These are the top five sites for designers to present their portfolios.