The 4 Most Lavish Casinos Worldwide

Casinos, large ones, have always been a meeting ground for the various people. And even though there are online casinos nowadays with offers like the Pokerstars Bonus Code, many people still like to go to a land-based casino, just for the experience. There are plenty of casinos in the world, some of which you might be familiar with, especially those in Las Vegas. Yet, the world has some really big and lavish casinos. Here are the world’s largest and most expensive casinos, in no particular order.

The WinStar World Casino – Oklahoma United States

Called the WinStar World Casino and Resort (as most of them are), is the largest casino in the world by area. It has 55000 square meters of goodies for all sorts of gamblers, not to mention people who enjoy pools and a vacation which will definitely include some gambling. As the largest casino in the world, it mimics some of the greatest European buildings such as the British Parliament, the Colosseum and many more. It is also considered to be one of the most prestigious casinos.

The Venetian Macao – Macao

It was the largest casino in the world until WinStar got new rooms in 2009. Built in 2007, it held the position of the largest casino in the world for 2 years. Given how that is not important, it enjoys a lot of popularity and has many guests pouring through to see and play on one of their machines or tables. Divided into four distinct parts, Phoenix, Imperial House, Red Dragon and Golden Fish, it has something for every guest, thematically and with regards to their gambling preferences.

Crown Casino – Melbourne Australia

It is not the largest casino in the world, but it is very popular among Australians and everybody else who enjoys the World Series of Poker, especially the Asia-Pacific part, which is of course held at the Crown Casino. A rather large 20000 square kilometer building, it has plenty of slot machines and table games for everybody’s taste. It also has nightclubs as well as a bowling alley.

Foxwood Resort Casino – Connecticut United States

Opened in 1986, it often slips by because of the Strip casinos, but this is a large and interesting casino, which is also a small town. It has over 29 restaurants in the resort alone, plenty of rooms and casino games to accommodate everyone. The town itself has luxurious stores for the wealthier guests.

These are the world’s 4 most lavish casinos, according to a few criteria. There are more, of course, each extravagant in its own way.