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Most beautiful design houses of football players


Enthusiastic football fans always want to know everything about their favorite players – from their stats to most intimate details of their personal lives. Aside from investing a lot of time in discovering and reading about the new betting opportunities, such as the Footstock review, the biggest fans also research how their favorite stars live. […]

Casinos with the best design


They give our circadian rhythm and wallets a run for their money, with their kind and attentive hosts, music, lights noise and the ever-present dopamine rush. It is the industry of money making money, and therefore people sometimes overlook the aesthetics of the inside and outside of these casinos. We might be used to the […]

Unity Temple of Chicago architecture


Just outside Chicago, Illinois, there is a village called Oak Park. It was here that the Unitarian Universalist congregation commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright, an architect with 1000 designs and more than 500 buildings built, who was, interestingly enough, Unitarian as well, to build them a new temple after the old one had burned down. There […]

The contrast between modern and ancient design in churches


Most of us have seen our fair share of temples and churches. One could argue that tradition and conservatism go hand in hand with religion, which is why so many ancient churches look alike, or, at least share a number of common elements. The traditionalists would probably scoff at the mere mention of the word […]

Other work of architect Frank Lloyd Wright


Born on June 8, 1867, in Wisconsin, Frank Lloyd Wright is a person known to each and every builder for his distinct style of architecture – the Prairie school. What separated this style from others was the fusion of building and organic structure, which was very different from the European style at the time. Wright […]