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Best Sports Architecture in the World


Sporting events such as the World Cup and Olympics have succeeded in uniting the participating nations; even if such countries might have been at loggerheads with each other. In this article, you’re presented with the list of best sports architecture in the world. The selection for these was borne out of their fantastic facilities and […]

What you should know about Cloud Computing Architecture


All over the world today, many activities take place on the cyberspace. The cyberspace is comprised of the internet which is the primary channel of accessing information and also where the World Wide Web (www) is hosted. The cyberspace features a concept called Cloud Computing Architecture that is home to the components and subcomponents that […]

Design objects for sport


A logo is a pictorial representation of a company. A building is a monument of urban development. But we are not discussing them here today. Today, we shift our focus toward something that the hoi polloi would find mundane – everyday sports equipment and facilities. Have you ever wondered what the difference between a forty […]

How to become an architect


An architect is a visionary, a person with a keen eye, steady hand and a vivid imagination. It is where Art and Spirit meet Science and Engineering. So, how does one go about becoming an architect? Are there different types? What degrees and certifications might a person need? We are about to find out. Degree […]

Architecture and design: best tennis courts


Tennis is a sport viewed around the world, as masters keep moving up and down the ATP list, breaking records and their bodies whilst trying to reach the top. You are more than welcome to view the matches from the comfort of your home. However, we would urge you to consider visiting some of these […]